What are Divine Bridges?



-Robertís story

 In mid October 2007, I met a healer that was caring for a client and was asked if I had any insights into her care.  That was at the back of my mind for a couple of days until I finally remembered to look in on the client energetically.  As soon as I connected to the client, I felt my energy getting drawn into them and I figured I was going to do a mini distance healing session.  Boy was I in for a surprise.  Very quickly the energy built up within my system and started cascading into the client.  The energy was strong, but that was only the beginning!  In no time, I was doing breathwork just to be able to handle the large amounts of shakti energy coursing through my body.  Physically I was vibrating/shaking and lost use of my vision.  I could feel my higher chakras start to open including my 8th, 9th, and even 10th which channels Divine energy through your system and into the earth.  Half a dozen Divine Beings and ascended masters started manifesting through my energy system.  Included with this was Ammachi, the Angelic realms, off planetary light being healers (Yepa), master guides, etc.. This went on for well over an hour, with the intensity never letting up.

 Now my training has included work in being able to handle large amounts of channeled energy, but what was happening was off the chart in my experience.  The energy kept building and I felt like I was being torn apart. I could feel a pipeline of energy flowing through me both into the earth and out from my navel (Dentin center) into those that needed healing that I held in my consciousness.

 In the previous summer I had become aware that I would be facilitating group healing intensives, but that I was waiting on something to happen.  Well, in the session I was shown that I would be facilitating these sessions for groups of up to 100 people. The name that was given is Divine Bridges, which we will use as a way of describing the experience.




A great deal has changed and manifested with Divine Bridges since the first event. Before the first event, I really had no idea what to expect other than there was going to be an incredible amount of Divine energy present, and it would flow to the people around us. I knew I would have to find a place of deep surrender to allow it to come through. That part hasn't changed with Divine Bridges. What has evolved is the nature of the energy that is coming through as well the directions on its use.

 The events seem to build upon each other, with the energy deepening each time. So far it looks like each group session will have its own theme and special energy. The bottom line though, is that the energy is there to create freedom in your system. By freedom, I mean clearing away conditioning that keeps you trapped in fear, illness and limiting beliefs. So each session will provide the necessary movement to create that freedom in your system. Another way of saying it would be that Divine Bridges provides the stage for your Awakening. Best way to stay up to date on the events and what they offer, is to subscribe to our Ezine. Email us at newsletter@divinebridges.com to receive the DivinEzine.

 Now when the energy started getting channeled through me, it was one massive torrent of movement (Shakti) energy. The imagery of a fireman's hose at full bore. As we have progressed, I have been able to play with the energy more and work with the various energy streams. I have noticed there are specific energies that can be called upon to create specific types of movement. I have labeled these as the various dragon colours since we seem to have developed a dragon theme with Divine Bridges. Each colour of the channeled energy works slightly different; red for example is very good at tearing down structure and conditioning, while white dragon energy holds the purity and space of Divine imprint so to speak. Although we are not talking about specifically channeling colour energy, I find it to be a good descriptive way of dealing with the streams. Now coupled with this Divine energy is a Divine presence that I keep referring to. Although that too is continuing to evolve, I have noticed that the presence attached to Divine Bridges is that of the Avatars. For those of you that may not be aware of what an avatar is, they are Divine Beings who are committed to relieving suffering in the world. When they incarnate they do so without a karmic body (ie. they have no karma here to fulfill or clear) and come in as an aspect of Divine presence. Good examples of an avatar that are incarnated at present would be Ammachi or Mother Meera. On the earth right now we have close to 100 beings recognized as avatars. This is an incredible number and from what I understand is unprecedented in our world's history.

Divine Bridges is directed by a group of Ascended Masters. Some of these I have been working with for quite some time and other have come in only to do this work. These are the guides that help me basically do this work. Now when the energy builds up and channels through my system, it creates a strong bridge through which this avataric presence can work. From there it is able to flow to wherever it is needed.

On a daily basis the information and energy I get with Divine Bridges continues to evolve. I have found that I don't always have to open a full blown Divine Bridges event just to be able to channel the unique energy. This is making the energy more open to specific tasks in healing and spiritual development work, as well as being helpful in individual sessions. I also know at some point in the future, there is going to be a transmission available for those wishing to be practitioners. I have to say I am pretty excited about that and look forward to the unfoldment.






In the Divine Bridges session, your facilitator is in the middle of the room with the participants arranged in a circle around them. When the time is right, the Divine Bridge will open and intense amounts of Shakti Divine energy will flow through the facilitator's spine and into the group.  Directing this flow of energy and the application, will be a group of Divine Beings and Ascended Masters that have chosen to work with this event.  To facilitate the flow of this energy, the facilitator will be breathing heavily (and loudly), toning, and chanting.

The facilitator is acting as a hub, and everything moves out from this center. The center is a perfect balance of Yin Yang energy. Everyone outside of this are also a participant. Nothing is static. If motion is called for, then the group will move. If sound is needed then we might be called upon to chant and sound our voice. If silence is required, then that will be heeded. There is a great organic flow to this event and it will shift as the energy dictates.

How long will it last for?  Will it be gentle or intense? The answer is yes, no, maybe.  We really have no control over how long these session will be.  So far though they have usually been around an hour.  As for what will be experienced that is really between you and the Divine. Intensity happens because of resistance. Surrender is always the key when working at this level. The deeper your surrender the deeper the healing. My personal belief is that it will be an opportunity for profound healing and spiritual development. So far we have had participants experience physical illness being healed, emotional issues and blocks being resolved, and greater movement in their energetic system And I think we have only seen a small sampling of what is going to happen. I fully expect to see great spiritual awakening happen in these sessions.



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