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Powerful experience of energy movement.
   K.F. -Victoria    

Very powerful and useful energy healing.   
   J.T. -Victoria    

Lovely release. I'm curious to see what continues to shift in the next few days. 
   B.L. -Victoria    

Thank you for opening this space for divine energy to come through. A beautiful evening!
   A.M. -Victoria

The gathering was most powerful.

	M.M. -Victoria


(Robert's note): It is not uncommon when I am doing healing work these days for a Divine Bridge to open spontaneously. This seems to be fueled more by need than anything else. The following comment came from a client with whom I was doing a distance healing session on her son. The son was spiraling down into a physical and emotional sickness, and when I tuned in to do a healing session a very intense Divine Bridges session opened. Here is her experience of it:

My youngest son was struck with a sudden misery. Calling on Robert brought forth an amazing spirit convergence in the form of the Divine Bridges. For a space of time, which in retrospect I cannot measure, we were surrounded by a light which included the presence of my late son, whom was always my other son's (the stricken one) protector. The result of the session was that the severity of the illness was averted, and strength was given to cope with what followed in his life. I just wish to acknowledge the light which Robert Oakes has brought into our lives.

S.W. -Salt Spring Island