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Okay first off, why so many dragons? Good question Timmy. Well dragons have just started popping up since I opened the first Divine Bridge (or it opened me I should say). During our first group event I could feel a dragon energy holding the space open for us to do our work. I think part of this is also that Divine Bridges is teaching us to connect with that innocent child again. That child believes in a world full of dragons and magic, and so should we!


Summer 2008 updates:

Well I had a glorious 6 week journey through Mexico and Guatemala. It was an an incredible experience, and held such variety. Beautiful beaches, ancient temples, fun company, profound ceremonies, and extremes in natural environment. I was even able to push personal boundaries and overcome some fears. I went from being stressed and out of balance before the journey, to a feeling of groundedness and joy. Hopefully this reflects in my work I do with others.

As for planned events, I have to admit I am still in holiday mode and so are the dragons! Although nothing is set up as of yet, I think there will be a small event on Salt Spring Island later summer and there is a possibility of a larger Winnipeg event at the end of November. I will keep everyone updated as I transition back into this reality. It will probably be January before we are back to a regular schedule. Everytime I check in for guidance on this I get the image of the dragon napping. So I too shall be like the dragon. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


January 26th 2008 event

So you might have noticed some changes to the Divine Bridges website at the start of February 2008. Carol Gardner has left Divine Bridges to pursue her own healing work. I thank Carol for the contributions she has made to date, and wish her great success in her coming ventures.

Now the event at the start of February, even though we had a very small gathering (threat of snowstorm), was very profound in its nature. The biggest thing that happened was that the two streams of yin and yang energy that we work with in Divine Bridges got bridged and harmonized into one stream. Although this may not mean a lot for our participants, it means that only one person is required to channel and hold that healing field for the event. Previously it took both Carol and myself to channel the energy, stabilize the group field and then tune the energy into the group; now one person can do all three as the energy is that much easier to work with. So will this continue as a solo operation? Well, for now it will, but already (even before Carol made her decision) I was shown that someone would be stepping into to help take it to the next level of healing and manifestation. I trust that unfoldment when the time is right. I also know that in the future the Divine Bridges events will be traveling further they might be coming to a city near you!


For a complete write up on the february event, check out the Ezine in the link at the top of the page.




November 17th 2007-First Divine Bridges event!

Well well, we had our first Divine Bridges event this past weekend.  Was it everything I thought it would be?  Well it was actually more than I thought it would be.  I don’t know about Carol, but I felt they threw me a few left turns, but luckily I was in deep enough surrender to just allow it to happen…and it was magic.  We had a small but very enthusiastic group there to participate.  Everyone got right into it and allowed that place of surrender to move them deeper.  My experience was that it had three waves of energy.  The first wave was movement and this pushed me physically to channel the huge amount of Divine energy that came through.  It was kind of funny at the start. I was wondering if they were going to open it up…then…BAM it came through. Oh mama did it come through.  As I was pulling that energy through, Carol was tuning it and directing the flow of energy.  I have to say it was remarkable to work with her in this way and everything had an organic movement to it.  The next wave was one of stillness and surrender.  During this wave everyone participated in very magical toning and chanting, and allowed their higher wisdom to allow that expression.  It was beautiful to have that space to express without judgment.  A lot of inner child work was also done by just “allowing” it to find its voice.  This is also where I had my surprises as I was expecting to be a passive channel though this and allow Carol to do most of the expression…but alas I too was included in the chanting and toning and loved every minute of it.  During this time a number of Divine Beings and ascended master guides came through.  In particular the Christ energy and Tara came through strongly.  There was also a Tibetan Medicine guide that came through and worked with one person in particular.  This guide has a beautiful energy and has been part of this Divine Bridges from the beginning as well as coming into my work in the past 5 years or so.  Along with everything else, I also felt Otter energy come in which is one that teaches us to go with the flow and employ pay in our daily life.  Overall it was a beautiful period of Divine Grace opening up and holding us in it.  To me it felt like a gentle rain of golden energy throughout.  The final wave was one of integration, which took us to the conclusion.  I think from beginning to end we were in it for just over an hour but it had a very timeless quality.

Comments from the participants were very positive.  Everyone experienced movement in their system and many received messages and clarity.  Two of the people present had back problems issues resolve in the session.  I have to say I was thrilled with the event and can’t wait to expand it to include more people. I am very appreciative to be working with a gifted healer such as Carol, and to have such a great group for our first Divine Bridges event.