$30 per person for group sessions

$60 for individual sessions (in person or distance)


If you planning on coming out then it is very helpful if you email your RSVP


If it is more convenient, you can pay ahead of time using our PayPal link




Length of Session: That is up to the Divine but estimate would be between 1 hour and 2 hours


What to bring:  You might be sitting on the floor at times, while other times you might be engaged in movement. If at all possible so bring something comfortable to sit on, that will also not get in the way if you are standing and in motion.  If it is not physically possible to sit on the floor, then we will try and find a chair to accommodate you. Other than that bring an open heart and a sense of adventure!


After the session:  It is important when you experience deep healing that you take care of yourself afterwards.  That means listening to your body.  Drink plenty of water (no, more!), rest when tired (allow your body the sleep it needs even if it seems excessive), allow emotions to surface without judgment.  Try to observe them without engaging with them.