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I guess my study of healing and spirituality started in my teens.  Like most in our culture, it started with the classic western philosophers we encounter in school and university.  Even at that age though I knew these guys just missed the mark…they just didn’t get it.  So my studies took what I considered at the time to be two divergent paths.  The first was into the pagan paths such as Celtic, Native American, and other indigenous cultures. The second path followed that of Buddhism and the eastern mystic schools.  Looking back, it was the healer side of me that pursued the pagan paths, and the mystical questor that followed Buddha’s footprints.

 Moving from Winnipeg to Kamloops in the late 1980’s I experienced two life changing events.  The first was debilitating sickness in the form of fibromyalgia, and the second was my shamanic call.  Now the two are tied together, as sickness and near death experiences form the basis of a study into shamanism.  What it did for me was lead me to deeper and deeper levels of healing knowledge and personal awareness.  

 In the late 1990’s I moved back to Winnipeg and joined the Ojibwe and Sioux communities where I earned my Pipe, sweat lodge, and became a Sun Dancer in both of those traditions.  It was also during this time that I expanded my energy healing studies and became a VortexHealing practitioner.  This was a very powerful experience for me and allowed me to finally shake free of the fibromyalgia, while also clearing huge amounts of karmic conditioning and separation consciousness.   The process of learning Vortex also accelerates your energetic system, and I think in part it is what allowed me to do the Divine Bridges work.  It also provided the catalyst to realize my basic Awakening.

 Although I currently see my practice now as Vajrayana Buddhist, I continue to uphold those ceremonies and teachings of the Ojibwe/Sioux traditions.  I embrace all paths and try to find the common thread linking them.  As long as we walk every path with integrity and openness, and are able to see past the dogma, I feel we will have that experience of Oneness.

My formal education is based in anatomy and physiology as well as psychology and botany. In particular, I have a keen interest in transpersonal psychology and ethnobotany.

In my professional life I would call myself a Writer and Holistic Practitioner.  My healing practice has come to embrace many traditions and modalities. In addion to magazine work, I have 3 Ebook titles available on my website.

 So now I have returned to the west coast and sit in gratitude for all that has manifested in my life.  What were once divergent paths now meet and intertwine. 



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